Falkenburg Research Pages

The research pages are organized in roughly the same manner as the table of contents of my manuscript. Access to specifics is thruogh the links below.

Chapter 1
Legends, Myths and Castles

Ch. 1
Research Chapter 1: I have added a reference to Valkenburg Castle.
Chapter 2
Colonial Roots

Ch. 1

Research Chapter 2:

(2.1)The Ancestry of Henry Jacobs Falkinburg (6/16/16); (2.2) Petition on behalf of Henry Jacobs re Matinconk Island (6/26/16); (2.2) Deeds executed by Henry Jacobs Falkenburg (11/12/10) (2.3) The Ancestry of Penelope Stout (10 FEB 2016)
Chapter 3
Founding a Nation

Ch. 1
Chapter 4
Down to the Sea

Ch. 1

Research: Chapter 5

(5.1) Schooner General Morgan; (5.2) Voyages of Charles A. Falkinburg;(5.3) Barque J ane A. Falkinburg; (5.4) Charles Falkinburg in San Francisco; (5.6) Nelson Falkinburg

Research: Chapter 11

(11.1) Death notice for William van Voorhis; (11.2) link to van Voorhees Family Association


This Epilogue is a look toward the future. It explores the challenges facing the next generations of our family, as they continue to support and grow the American dream.




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