Abigail Falkinburg b. 1815

Father: Samuel Falkinburg (1764-1839)
Mother: Penelope Buffin (1774-1846)

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In most cases the citations and documentation is contained in the profiles of a tree entry. However, in some cases there are conflicting citations or facts posted in related trees. At times, the evidence is only circumstantial. These notes are intended to support the facts which I have posted in my ancestry tree. In using these notes I am indicating that there is some uncertainty in the facts, and this documents my decision for inclusion of certain data in my tree.


Marriage of Abigail Falkinburg

As of the last date I searched the web, I could find no documentation of the marriage or spouses of Abigail Falkinburg. However, two public trees shows two spouses. Donnas Tree: Lists Elias Smith (no data or citation given and Jeremiah Leaming (b. 1812) with the marriage date 03 October, • Cape May, NJ (no source citation and marriage year is given). Also Grayson Tree has a similar reference to Jeremiah Leaming (but not Elias Smith).

In the probate records for Samuel Falkinburg (1 APR 1839), Joseph Falkinburg is listed as the executor. All the children (married and unmarried) are listed except Abigail, along with wife Penelope Falkinburg. The document states that Elias Smith, in his own right, and also as special guardian of Samuel Falkinburg Smith and Alta Smith, minors. this leads me to believe that:

1) Abigail has died before 1839

2) Elias Smith is her spouse


From a rootsweb posting there is a citation for Abigail. I believe that this list was originally complied by David B. Absalom, although I am not sure.

Abigail Falkinburg b: 17 Apr 1815 NY d: 11 Jan 1839 NY? ............... +Elias Smith b: ?, Note: From Varick, NY
.............. 6 Alta Smith
.............. 6 Samuel Falkinburg Smith


If we can believe the birth date of Abigail, then she would have been about 24 or 25 years of age when Samuel died. I suspect (although I am not certain) that she had one husband (Elias Smith) with whom she had two children. I will post the birthdate for Abigail as 1815 and the date of her death as before APR 1839, although I have a hunch that the dates given in the citation above may be correct, yet I have no conclusive evidence. I list that Abigail has one husband Elias Smith and two children of that marriage Samuel Falkinburg Smith and Alta Smith.

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