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These are notes to support my family tree

In most cases the citations and documentation is contained in the profiles of a tree entry. However, in some cases there are conflicting citations or facts posted in related trees. At times, the evidence is only circumstantial. These notes are intended to support the facts which I have posted in my ancestry tree. In using these notes I am indicating that there is some uncertainty in the facts, and this documents my decision for inclusion of certain data in my tree.


Spouse of Sinnick Broer

Many of the family trees on Ancestry list the spouse of Sinnick Broer as Sophia Jurianson. As I looked at the citations listed in these trees, I could not find support for this. I may be wrong, so if anyone can provide information confirming this I'd be very appreciative. What I did find in the 1671 Census of the Delaware (author: Peter Stebbins Craig) the following statement appears on pg. 39 describing Anders Joransson:

"...Anders Joransson purchased part of the Deer Point plantation owned by Sinnick Broer. He (referring to Anders) and his wife sophia had three sons Christiern, Joran and Jons Andersson. Two additional sons, Eric and Peter Andersson were born before Anders Joransson's death in 1675. His widow married Broer Sinnicksson. "

Broer Sinnicksson was the son of Sinnick Broer.

Daughter of Sinnick Broer (and spouse of Henry Jacobs Falkinburg

Craig says that Henry Jacobs Falkinburg married the daughter of Sinnick Broer. This is reflected in the Ancestry family trees. However, that daughter is named by most Ancestry trees is Anna. Again, I can find no support for the fact that her name was Anna.


I have opted not to list a spouse for Sinnick Broer or a name for the daughter who married Henry Jacobs Falkinburg. I realize that many trees are constructed by copying data from one to another. The fact that the majority of trees contain this data does not make it true. I look for supporting citations and facts, and I do not find them here. Perhaps I am wrong, and I would be grateful if anyone would point out my error. Facts like Deer Point, New Castle, Germany don't provide much confidence in the facts. Deer Point is on the Delaware River and was the home of Henry Jacobs Falkinburg in the Colony of New Sweden.


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