These are notes to support my family tree

In most cases the citations and documentation is contained in the profiles of a tree entry. However, in some cases there are conflicting citations or facts posted in related trees. At times, the evidence is only circumstantial. These notes are intended to support the facts which I have posted in my ancestry tree. In using these notes I am indicating that there is some uncertainty in the facts, and this documents my decision for inclusion of certain data in my tree.

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Cranmer, William b. 1620
Falkinburg, Abigail b. 1796
Falkinburg, Abigail b. 1815
Falkinburg, David b. 1735
Falkinburg, John b. 1839 (son of Samuel and Mary Ann Hunter)
Falkinburg, Joseph b. 1769
Falkinburg, Samuel (DNA study) b. 1786
Stout, Richard b. 1644




If anyone has any further evidence, please let me know.


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